Winemakers, connoisseurs and wine enthusiasts agree that the perfect wine glass should contain essential qualities to ensure that wine may be enjoyed to its fullest. Serving vintage wines in poor quality glasses is like stripping the wine of its true character. The qualities for the perfect glass includes:

  1. Clear glass without decorative cuts to ensure that you see the true coloration of the wine.
  2. Light-weight Crystal is lighter than normal glass and offers more brilliance and a clear vision. The lighter the glass the more luxurious the wine experience.
  3. Large bowls with lots of space allows the wine to make optimum oxygen contact. This help to unfold the bouquet almost immediately.
  4. Long narrowing walls allows the wine’s bouquet to be concentrated to the nose.
  5. Thin walls ensure that you taste the temperature of the wine and not the glass. It also ensures that the wine flows directly to the parts of the palate that sense fruity and sour tastes.
  6. Long stems invite you to hold the glass by the stem and not by the bowl. Thus ensuring that the warmth of your hand does not influence the temperature of the wine.

These are the qualities of the perfect glass and companion to present and enjoy wine in its best form. These are also the qualities that helped us design the AMRIS range of high quality glasses. Our glasses ensure that the full fragrance and aromas unfolds and are carried to the nose and palate in its most concentrated form.