Bormioli Rocco Premium Congac (x6)


An elegant glass for serving congac and pot stilled brandies.

Volume: 640ml
Height: 162mm
Pack Size: 6 per pack


Bormioli Rocco Premium is the timeless and complete collection created with the exclusive collaboration of AIS, the Sommelier Italian Association, of that follows the golden rule of “A glass for each wine”. The finest AIS experts
designed the line, associating a specific shape and design to each type of wine and distilled beverage. The line’s “profile of excellence” is enhanced by use of innovative Crystal Star Glass, the perfect clarity and neutral colour of which favour excellent visual perception of wine. This range offers maximum tasting pleasure,thanks to the presence of thin, laser cut rims. Enjoy elegance and style for every occasion, thanks to the extreme lightness and perfect distribution of glass. The Premium range offers a maximized wine tasting experience, thanks to the transparency and purity of crystal glass “Starglass”.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Made in Italy.


Bormioli Rocco