Bormioli Rocco Riserva Grappa (x6)


Perfect for serving grappa and distilled products with high alcohol content. The strong alcohol fumes are captured in the bowl of this glass and allows you to smell the intense aromas.

Volume: 80ml
Height: 163mm
Pack Size: 6 per pack


The Riserva Grappa glass features a smooth design and elegant shape. Made of Bormioli Rocco’s exclusive Star Glass, these glasses were created to enhance the qualities of grappa. Bormioli Rocco Glassware has a brilliant shine and clarity that’s similar to crystal, but it’s lighter and more practical to use; in fact, these crystaline glasses are highly resistant to wear and dishwashing.

  • Durable glass.
  • Highly resistant to breakage, chipping and dishwashing wear.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Made in Italy.


Bormioli Rocco